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Casey Coloma


Casey Coloma: Roof Specialist

I’m Casey, I am one of the roof specialists at Reliance Roof Pros and Cooper Mountain Roofing. I enjoy my job a lot, and focus on doing a thorough inspection of roofs and attics. I don’t like to miss any details, and want to help you understand the current issues and details of your project, such as pipe flashings, ventilation, skylights, chimneys, issues under the eaves/soffit areas and others.

As a roof specialist, I keep myself up to date with different seminars, such as Airvent’s ventilation seminars, as they are some of the best venting experts of the industry. I try to attend any industry training that will further my ability with clients and co-workers, such as skylight, OSHA safety and others. I completed and received my license as a building inspector through the State of Oregon, and my goal is to be one of the best experts in the industry.

My daily priority is to serve our clients to the best of my abilities. Keeping a positive attitude to better serve you is number one, while performing with professionalism.

I’m passionate about being there for my family. I have an awesome wife, two children, and three grandchildren. I spend a good quality time strengthening my faith for Christ and spreading the word to others and family.

On my time off, I enjoy studying the Bible, being involved with my family, fitness, golf and learning more in my career. Hoping to meet you soon and serve you and your family.