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At Reliance Roof Pros, roofing in the Northwest requires focus and science to get the best possible result. Industry statistics show that for every new roof installed, there are 5-6 repair jobs that are performed. People do not repair worn out roofs—they replace them! This means that the minimum ratio of roofs that require work before they are worn-out is 5 to 1. We want to help you receive the information needed to make a wise choice to avoid the pitfalls of our unique environment. It is a sick feeling to know you spent good money on a bad result. Learn more about our services or feel free to visit us on Facebook.

Our Team

Matt Krill

President/ Owner

Kevin Forman

Repair Coordinator

Casey Coloma

Roof Specialist

Mike Woods

Senior Roof Specialist

Javier Eumana

Quality Control Supervisor

Carlos Llamosa

Assistant Administrator

Jacob McNear

Production Logistic Supervisor