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Matt Krill


Matt Krill: President/ Owner

I am thankful to own and run Reliance Roof Pros and Cooper Mountain Roofing with my amazing wife, Ginsely. We have an outstanding team of professionals who have taken this organization to heights that I have only been able to dream of. Hopefully, your experience with our team will leave you feeling that we are people of substance and quality, and that you have found what you are looking for.

My background started far from roofing. I grew up in Sumner, Washington, leaving to attend Beloit College in Wisconsin. I graduated with an English degree and a teaching certification. I had several jobs before I found roofing 20 years ago. My favorite other job was coaching small college football full-time in the Midwest.

My last day coaching was the first day of my new life in roofing. I began my career by flying to Philadelphia to learn about contracting on a higher level through an organization called Certfified Contractors Network. There, I learned about efficiencies in the three aspects of business and contracting (estimating, operations and production). This provided a great platform for an old football coach, as CCN provided a playbook and a frame of reference to create a complete and successful organization. I worked for several commercial and residential roofing and exteriors companies before founding Reliance Roof Pros. Two were in Wisconsin, which the different climate helps frame my view of our unique environment. As good as many of the companies were, none of them wanted to incorporate all three phases of business into a truly client-centered format. They all cut corners in one way or another, and I was frankly tired of having a great plan for my clients’ projects, and watching a system that was not designed to execute.

I started Reliance Roof Pros to do something that was missing in the industry. I wanted to provide a consistent and repeatable process to help people the way I want to be helped as a consumer. This is very simple. It means operating as a company that treats people the way we want to be treated. It also means we take that responsibility very seriously. In order to do that, no one in the organization is allowed to take it easy or slack-off. We all must be on-point and we all must be engaged. It also means we must be organized, have expertise, and must be focused on excellence. We are not perfect, but that is what we are aiming for. And we always want to improve, looking at any failure as an opportunity to get better.

Whether you choose to do business with us or not, we truly hope that we help you get the best possible solution for you and your home. That is what we are committed to. Please feel free to reach me anytime with your experience, as your experience is the central focus of our company.