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The Northwest region (Oregon and Washington) is one of the most challenging environments for roof performance and roofing services in the world. We have a number of factors that create tremendous stress on the waterproofing and roofing integrity of our homes and buildings. The metro areas of the Northwest have about 40 inches of rain a year, mostly compressed into 8 months. We have heavy tree debris and moss. We have cool/cold temperatures with heavy moisture/high humidity, leading to a mold and mildew growing environment which affects the underside of the roof, and encourages rot in the wood supporting the roof. Because we do not have a lot of snow load, our homes are built lighter and with lesser roof slope than other homes throughout the northern United States. We also had a large “tech boom” building phase in the 90’s that led to some sub-par construction methods that we are still paying for.

In addition to the challenging climate and unique environment, many areas of the Northwest have a low barrier to entry for roofing professionals. Most municipalities in the Portland metro area do not require a permit for roof work. Obtaining a roofing license is relatively easy.

Roofing services in the Northwest requires focus and science to get the best possible result. Industry statistics show that for every new roof installed, there are 5-6 repair jobs that are performed. People do not repair worn out roofs—they replace them! This means that the minimum ratio of roofs that require work before they are worn-out is 5 to 1. We want to help you receive the information needed to make a wise choice to avoid the pitfalls of our unique environment. It is a sick feeling to know you spent good money on a bad result.


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Asphalt composition roofing (known as “comp” or “asphalt shingles”) represents over 90% of pitched roofs in the United States.


Metal roofing is known as the most permanent, longest-lasting roofing material available today.


Cedar roofing is one of the most rich, elegant, natural products available today.

Specialty Products

Modern technology has begun to offer alternatives to some premium traditional roofing products that are superior in design, consistency, beauty and longevity.

Tile and Slate

Slate and tile roofing are rigid, natural products that offer great longevity and beauty, if installed properly and constantly maintained.

Flat Roofing

Flat roofing in Oregon and Washington requires a number of technical considerations.


Thermoplastic roofing products are a series of plastic membranes applied to a flat roof surface.

Asphalt Based

As we know, oil repels water. That is the basis of asphalt-based flat roofing.

Gutter Systems

In our Northwest environment, gutter systems are critical. In other parts of the country, gutters must be able to handle ice and snow, and they are built for that.


As the industry promotes, ventilation makes roofs and roof substrates last longer. More importantly, regional and national experts recognize that attic ventilation is more important in Washington and Oregon than in any other part of America.


Roofs in the northwest are under assault. Many factors will damage or limit a roof’s lif