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Kevin Forman


Kevin Forman: Repair Coordinator

Hello, I’m Kevin, “Pa” to Matt, the founder of Reliance Roof Pros and Cooper Mountain Roofing. I relocated to Oregon after retiring from my former job.

I am here to help and serve as a coordinator and manager of the repairs and warranty fulfillment. Some of my professional achievements include 32 years at Boeing Airplane Co in Seattle, where I achieved a position of management laiason, with a crew of about 15 people. My duties included implementation of “lean practices” to streamline employee training, scheduling, and “just in time” supply chain method which includes efficient storage practices and organization of parts. I was in charge of the interfacility transfer and cataloged storage access of over 2.5 billion dollars’ worth of parts both to and from our main/certification warehouse of 720,000 sq ft. I held this position for over 15 years before retiring.

On my free time, I enjoy anything in the realm of true science, and engineering concepts of all types.

I’m passionate about spending time with my wife, and following Christ. It’s my desire to be like Him. My values are His.